A Change to a Skyline

9 05 2011

Aston University Towers Demolished

After almost 40 years, the skyline of Birmingham, United Kingdom, has changed. On 8th May 2011, two of the residential towers at Aston University were demolished to make way for a renovation project.

The two towers, Lawrence and Dalton, are places that are in the hearts of many students of Aston and hold many treasured memories. I am one of those that lived in Lawrence and I will always remember my first year of University and the friends that I made with others that lived in the tower block.

It is not surprising that the tower blocks have needed to be pulled down. Not only was it to make way for the renovation project, which includes new halls of residence, but it also due to the fact that the old towers were starting for fall down.

I’ve got to say that I’m disappointed that I was not there to see it happen but I have heard stories from people that saw everything live. I’m just very glad that there are videos posted on the Internet to be able to see the towers go down. Out of all the videos, this one has to be my favorite of all the montages:

Stafford tower, the last of the three, is due to go next year and the new accommodation block is also due to be finished then too.

The most amazing thing about the demolition is that it was done while the campus was fully operational, rather than waiting for the exams to finish and for students to go home for the summer. It has also made history by being the first time that two towers were demolished, together, on a campus that was still full of students.

The renovation is a £300 million project and is due to bring higher quality residence for students, the Aston University Engineering Academy and a renovated sports centre. Other projects have already been completed, including the new astroturf, new worship centre and the first of the new halls of residence.

How Aston will Look after Renovations



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