Questioning Some Companies

18 05 2011

I understand that companies want the money that’s due to them but why is it that some are now sending letters to tell you they’re sending you to debt collectors before a bill is even due? Currently, I’ve heard of two instances of this happening – one of them to me.

So far, the company in question hasn’t bothered contacting me back since I sent them a very annoyed email. The email actually went into details about how they sent another bill on the exact same day with a new due date for the money – two weeks in advance.

I’ve got to wonder what’s going on in this company’s head and I’d love to hear from them just what they think they’re doing. This could have a lot of people panicking about paying bills and ruining their credit rating when really there was no need for it.

On another note, I’ve got to question the ideas of another company. This one is a website that I’m on while currently finding houses to rent in the Glasgow area since my partner and I are planning on moving there next month/July.

Anyway, this website has a house on there to rent that is actually rent to buy. Why? Why not state that in the details of the house. Saying “must be in full time employment only” does not mean that it’s a rent to buy – there are plenty of estate agents that ask for full time employment as a requirement to rent for them just to protect the chances of them getting the money and to prevent the chances of constant house parties.

Also, why do some estate agents think it’s fine to advertise a house as 0pcm? Are you really going to let someone in the house for free? No, don’t think so. Shouldn’t it be a requirement on these websites to put the cost of the rent on there? If it’s negotiable just pop that in the details.

Oh and a final one; a cottage flat is not a house; it’s a flat. When I’m looking for a house, I don’t want to find cottage flats (even if they are 3 bedroom and look great) instead. I want to find houses. If I wanted a flat, high rise or of the cottage variety, I’d put that in the search.



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