A New Student Cookbook

22 05 2011

With my other half going to university in September, it made us think about all the other Freshers. My other half’s lucky; he loves to cook so he already knows how to look after himself. Topped up with the fact that he’s got me too, who’s working full time, and we’ve both been through the first year of university experience before.

So, while thinking about other Freshers, we have to wonder just how many know about the basics of student living and how to cook on a budget. Asking around some of his friends who are currently at university and a couple who are going this year, we found out that a few are worried about cooking but not being able to afford some of the highly expensive student cookbooks available.

It made me think about putting together everything that I’ve learnt while at university and throw them together in a cookbook. After talking to my other half about it, he agreed that we should do it as long as he got to try out some low budget recipes.

So coming soon: an affordable student cookbook to help with the basics of cooking and low-budget options.



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