RIP Paddy

30 05 2011

A friend of mine died last night after suffering with a heart condition. All of his friends and family were shocked by the news but it’s made me think about how little time we have on this Earth and that no matter what we do, if Death comes knocking, we have to obey.

However, does that really mean that we should give up? No! And that’s definitely not was Tom would want his friends and family to do. This has made me think about the amount of time that I spend worrying about money and other things when I should be enjoying life and living it! If it means that Death will come for me tomorrow at least I’ll know that I enjoyed my life.

At times like this, it’s easy for people to start questioning whether there is a God and if there is, why he would do something like this. I’m not going to do that. I believe that everything happens for a reason. We never know the reasons and sometimes the stuff that happens is bad but I do know that Tom is in a better place and he is able to look down on his friends and family. We will all see him again at some point – Tom hold a place at the bar in Heaven for me 😉

It’s not the new year but that doesn’t mean you can’t make resolutions. My resolution is that I’m going to take one day to myself a week. I’ll go out and enjoy the big wide world. I’m also going to enjoy the company that I have while I can.

Now I’m no good at memorial pieces and to be honest, I never have any idea what to write. I just wanted to do something positive with my grief. This has what it’s turned out to be. My heart and prays go out to Tom’s family, especially his baby girl who unfortunately will only know her father from pictures.

In Memory of

Thomas Padmore

28 March 1986 – 29 May 2011

Rest in Peace



2 responses

30 05 2011
Ian thompson

This is well written and exactly what our thoughts are experiencing. Such a loss at 25 is a reminder that yes death is unlimited to time and person but we have to not let that disturb our lifestyles and indeed enjoy our life. I will miss Paddy very much. He will not be forgotten and he will be celebrated.

30 05 2011
Will Bradley

Wonderful and inspiring words!! I did not know Tom well, just through a friend and some unforgettable nights out. This news has shocked and upset me greatly and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Tom and especially to his daughter who will know him through the words and memories of others.

Rest in peace mate x

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