How to Get Olympic Boxing Tickets

3 09 2011

This is something that I wrote for another site but it was rejected (apparently it’s not informative…) I didn’t want it to go to waste so I’m sharing it here.

When it comes to getting tickets for the Olympic boxing, it is tricky. The problem is that you have to enter a public bid, which caused some stir for the London Olympic tickets for 2012. Names are drawn out of a hat to determine whether you will get the number of tickets that you want.

It does not matter when you put your name in for the bid for Olympic boxing; you have the same chance if you put them in on the final day as you would by putting them in on the first day. All you need to do is say how many tickets you want.

If you are lucky enough to have your name pulled out of the ballot, you will get the number of tickets that you hoped for of the Olympic boxing event. If you wanted two, then you will get them; it is best that you and some friends put the same bids in so that you have more chance of getting the tickets.

However, when your name is pulled out, your account will be debited. This is the case even if you want the tickets by that time or not. The 2012 bid was a problem when each member of a group put their bids in and it turned out that all names were pulled out. Of course, you then have the chance to sell the tickets on, which is what a lot of people do.

However, there are some tickets that are reserved to buy, which can be done after the bidding takes place. While this seems like a better option, the costs of the tickets often increase dramatically. The tickets are also sold on a first come, first served basis – you need to get in there quick!



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