The Top 5 Self-Publishing Authors

10 09 2011

Many authors look at self-publishing as an option. It is quicker and it means that they get to keep all the profit on their works. It also means that they work to their own plan and time frame. Authors who choose to self-publish do not have the full access to the best marketing techniques and have to manage everything themselves, but that does not mean they are worse off.

There are a number of authors who have been successful by publishing their books by themselves and here are the top five.

Morris Rosenthal

Morris Rosenthal started off in 1995 when he deicded that self-publishing was the way forward. He creates non-fiction books, which tend to sell better for self-published authors, and also runs a blog. The blog is just one way to show off his skills and give snippets into his books.

Ron Pramschufer

Ron Pramschufer was part of a printing and publishing team for 35 years before he decided to look into self-publishing. Working in the industry helped him to succeed as one of the best self-publishing authors. He is another author of non-fiction works but focuses on publishing and helping novice authors become known.

Fern Reiss

Fern Reiss is the author of The Publishing Game, which runs in line with her business of the same name. This author is just one that offers non-fiction books to help other with their self-publishing options and how to market the books well to earn more. She uses her blog, Twitter and LinkedIn as ways to promote herself and her books.

Dan Poynter

Many self-publishing authors find this option when they realize that they have a book that no publisher is interested in; this is the way that Dan Poynter started his self-publishing career. His initial book was based on parachutes and since then he has gone on to write about other aviation products. He now owns his own publishing company, Para Publishers.

Marc Coker

For those who are interested in self-publishing, it is likely that you have heard of Smashwords. This was created by Marc Coker and his wife, after they co-wrote a book on soap operas. Marc also writes for the Huffington Post, mainly on the subject of self-publishing and how the books are interesting, useful and needed for today’s world.



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