Pros and Cons of Selling Second Hand Farm Machinery

18 11 2011

As well as buying second hand John Deere ride on mowers, there are many people looking at selling their used farm machinery. There are a number of benefits to doing this but there are also disadvantages.

The main advantage is that you will be able to get rid of any machinery that you have lying around – either that is not being used anymore or items that you need to replace. You have options when it comes to selling the items too. Most machinery is often sold to be used by someone else but you can also sell items for parts, which means that it is possible to sell something that is broken or beyond repair.

You will gain money for anything else that you need on your farm. You may want to buy something new but need to raise the funds or you may find that your farm is not doing as well as it once was. Finances are stressful but selling on your John Deere ride on mowers is a great option and also a great way to start from scratch.

You can set the price for the tractor after doing an evaluation. You can set this at the price that you need or increase it slightly to make sure you have some negotiation room – buyers will attempt to get a lower price.

You can put the sale on whenever it suits you. If you need to raise some money to help with the tough times on the farm, you will be able to do it in advance. If you find that you need to replace some of the used farm machinery, you will be able to quickly put a sale on to get rid of items.

However, there are disadvantages to selling your used John Deere ride on mowers. The first is that you are not guaranteed to come out with the money that you need. Buyers will attempt to get the cost down, which will mean that you need to negotiate. If you are unwilling or unable to negotiate, you will end up losing out on money and will lose a sale. It is generally better to sell something for a lower price than not at all.

You will need to do a lot of work before selling the used farm machinery. Buyers will want to know about the condition and see a mechanics report. This will cost you money before you even think about selling your vehicles and equipment. This is not always something that you can add onto the value of the car.

Some buyers will choose to do their own evaluations and get their own mechanics. To make sure they do not try to fleece you over, you need to have your mechanics report ready to show your findings. If you know that you are right and their mechanic is wrong, do not be afraid to stick to your guns – but it will usually mean that you lose out on a sale of your used John Deere ride on mowers.



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