Stop Your Employment Rights Being Violated!

24 08 2012

There has recently been another case with a certain employer which has led to researching into employment law again. This involves discrimination, changing a contract and forcing someone to work more hours than they will be paid for. I will not go into the details as the case is still open and is not about me but I just want to share with you the steps that you should take if you think that you are being treated unfairly at work or you think that your rights have being violated.

Research Employment Law

There are a number of websites that offer information on employment law. For those in the UK, is the best website to visit for your legal needs. This website breaks down parts of employment law so that each one is easy for anyone to understand. I have used this website a lot and it is something that has helped me in previous legality problems.

Talk to Your Employer

If there are problems, it is worth talking to your employer. Managing directors, company owners and managers will attempt to get away with anything since not that many people know and understand employment law – you will be surprised by just how many rights are violated in workplaces around the world! If your employer knows that you are looking into employment law and your rights, it is likely that they will fix the current problem.

Seek Legal Advice

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. In Britain, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau is there to help with legal matters. When cases are too complex, they also have a legal team that they are able to refer the case to. All of this is free of charge. The CAB can also help with other elements, such as benefit rights and other legal issues.

Of course, talking to a solicitor may help. Take the time to find a solicitor who will offer a free initial consultation as this will help you find someone who will be able to handle your case. Finding the best solicitor for the best price takes time, please check out my post about finding an employment law solicitor to find out more.

Don’t Just Resign or Take It

Resigning or just accepting issues will not help them go away. Resigning will mean that the problem will not usually be fixed – unless this is something that a solicitor has advised you to do! – and just accepting it will mean that your employer will continue with his or her work practises. An employer has no right to dismiss you because you are seeking your legal rights – that would also be a violation of your employment rights!

Take the time to research and stand up for yourself if you think that your employment rights are being violated. This is the only way that something positive will be done. This will also help others in your workplace too, which will make the whole environment much happier and stress-free.



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